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Ministry Notes

September 2021

So, the news is out and everyone is wondering, “What’s next?”

I wish I had a crystal ball that could tell the future, but I don’t. What I do know, is that this is God’s church and we are God’s people. We have been blessed beyond imagination. And those blessings will continue…

Cross of Christ and Cannon River Lutheran Churches are located in one the most beautiful places on earth! Between the hills and valleys, fields and forests, lakes and rivers, we are a destination for many people to ski, tube, ride bike or you name it…

We don’t always appreciate the air we breathe because we take it for granted. But consider how a Pastor serving West Central Minnesota (where I was born!) would feel about coming here… Believe me, it would feel like winning the super bowl and going to Disneyland!

And not only are we in a beautiful location, we are also close to the twin cities. Many Pastors are looking for employment opportunities for their spouse. From here employment opportunities are endless.

Many Pastors will love to come here. And not only because of location, location, location; but because of who you are! Sure, we’re sinners of all strips, but we are also loving, kind and gracious people. It has been a privilege to serve here and give witness to all the ways we love and support one another.

One of the reasons I feel confident about your future, is exactly because of who you are and location, location, location! Stand tall in remembering all of God’s blessings!

One of the reasons I decided to step aside, is because the pandemic has changed how we do church. All across our country, churches are experimenting and trying to find a balance between in-person attendance, and internet presence.

Consider, although we were closed for months at a time, viewership of our videos was way beyond what we would have had for attendance. And that happened despite many of us having poor internet or not even any internet. And that has continued even after we’ve been fully open! And even during the summer!

I really feel God is at work recreating church as we’ve known it. And it’s both exciting and scary…

I feel good about what we’ve accomplished together. In fact, I feel downright proud of what we’ve done. But I know time has come to let someone else take the next step. God is indeed calling Cross of Christ and Cannon River into a new future, and believe me, I’ll be watching and cheering you on!

Leaving is a grieving process for me… I will miss this community more than you can possibly imagine. And I will appreciate your prayers for this upcoming month and years ahead, as I will keep you in mine…

And always remember, God loves you!


Church Phone: 651-388-3464

Pastors Email: [email protected]